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Jeff Stewart - 4 months, 12 days old

Pretty 'new' . . .



New Site!  AND Site Design! - 9/21/2008

"Before I Stay" - new song added - 2/3/2007

Added "My World Visitor Map" - 2/2/2007

Song Download Store Added - January, 2007

Finished Adding Archive Type Songs (for now)

Shadow of Love (Studio Version) - 12/15/2006

Added 7 Songs - 12/12/2006

Added Six More Songs - 12/11/2006

Nine Songs Added - 12/9/2006

More "Gem or Junk?" Stuff - Plus

Some More Songs

"Gem or Junk?" Page etc.

Added "I Don't Need To Be Sad"

Added Four More

Ten Songs Added

Even MORE Songs

More Songs Added

Latest Eight Jukebox

Songs Added to Page

General Store RE-Opens!


Site Updated

"Live Dogs" Available


"What's New?" was last updated on 9/21/2008

9/21/2008 - The whole site has been moved to this NEW site,!  And the site has been completely redesigned while we were at it!  For an explanation of why . . . see the blog on
What's in a Name? on Jeffrey Scott Stewart's MySpace Blog . . .

2/3/2007 - Added "Before I Stay" - a new song, written with my good friend, Seth Jackson.
You can find it in the Latest Eight Jukebox, the Songs Page, and the Song Download Store.

2/2/2007 - Added My "World Visitor Map" to the home page.  In the past, we have had
visitors from all around the world.  I thought it would be fun to start tracking just
where on earth people are visiting from!

January, 2007 - Added the "Blue Clover Records" Song Download Store - now you
can download individual songs.

12/22/2006 - Added "Not That Kind Of Lady", "One Dream", "Citizen of the World",
"California Native", "Forever and a Day" (an Alternative Take, with more rhythm), "Reaching".
This is - I think - the finish of the old, 'archive' type of recordings . . .
I believe I've gone through all the old tapes now.

12/15/2006 - Added "Shadow of Love" (Studio Version)

12/12/2006 - Added "When the Twister Touched Down" (Studio Version), "Love Thing", "Fifty",
"Does Your Wife Have A Sister?" and "Barkin' With the Big Dogs" (Studio Version) to the "Song Page"
Added "I Wonder Who's Missing Her Now" and "The World is Flat" to the "Gem or Junk?" page

12/11/2006 - Added "Frostbite" (the Studio Version) to the "Song Page"
and added to the "Gem or Junk?" page: "I Wish", "I Was Better Off", "Let's Make A Short Story Long",
"The New Ain't Wore Off Yet", and "Mission: Impossible"

12/9/2006 - Added to the "Song Page": "Can You Keep A Secret?", "Children", "Fool of Me",
"Love By the Minute - Electric Version" (this is more of a slow rockin' version
as opposed to the acoustic blues version), and "Not That Kind Of Angel"
Added to the "Gem or Junk?" page: "Say the Word", "Things We've Gotta Do",
"I Can Take It Like A Woman", and "All I Need To Know"

12/4/2006 - Added to the "Gem or Junk?" page . . . "Baby, Baby", "Breezy", "Everything",
"Shootin' the Tube", "Showtime", "Tapestry", and "Tonight Your Love".  Added to the "Song Page" . . .
"Love By the Minute" (a slow-rockin' electric version), and "Solo Para Ti"

11/27/2006 - Added "I Won't Give Up" - a solo version, I think I actually like this one better than the studio version - it's a little bit faster pace and my vocal is better (I think); Added "Falling Out Of Love", "Microwaveable Burrito" and "Stranger in My House" to the "Gem or Junk?" page . . . let me know what YOU think!

11/26/2006 - Busy Day!  Added a new page . . . "Gem or Junk?" - where YOU get to vote on whether a song is, well . . . a 'gem' or 'junk' . . . added to THAT page today: "Banana Boat", "Close the Door",
"Fire Under the Bridge", "Where Does Time Go?", "Hyperstatic", "Biting My Lip", "In Over My Heart",
and "Special" . . . added to the "Song Page" today: "Simplicity", "I Will", "While Jennifer's Asleep",
"Thank You, Alexander", "Will You Remember?", "This Old Heart", "When We Dance", "All the Time",
and "I've Got To Leave".

11/21/2006 - Added "I Don't Need To Be Sad" - recorded in about 1989 on cassette four track.

11/20/2006 - Added four more songs - "Playin' Doctor", "Puppets",
"What's All the Fuss About?", and "The Ballad of Lake Piru"

11/12/6 - Added Ten Songs - A reminder as I 'dig into the vaults' for these recordings.
All of these are 'work tapes' . . . all ten of these in fact are from cassette four-track tapes
recorded in the eighties . . . the recordings are rough to be sure, but I believe in the songs,
and once again, I'm sharing these with you so that you can witness the development process
as I put together my albums, and so that you can become familiar with the songs.
"Can't Seem To Let Go", "Falling in Love", "Cartoon Character",
"The Grass Ain't Really Greener" (beware of noisy banjo!), "The World is Getting Younger",
"Happy Home", "Factory Blues", "Nothin' So Bad", "Traces of Your Heart", "I Remember Love"

11/8/6 - Added "Frog Farm" . . . it's a guitar duet, originally written with the intention
of being the music for a scene in a movie about a friend of mine.

11/6/6 - Added Another Half Dozen Songs - "Should Have Told Me That in Tulsa",
"That's Why I Believe in Christmas" (Sung by Jeanette Freant), "Shoot for the Moon",
"I Won't Give Up", "Better Love Next Time", and "Pulling You Closer".

11/5/6 - A Baker's Dozen Songs added to the "Songs Listed Alphabetically" page . . .
Look for "Speakin' Easy",   "On the Run (They'll Never Catch Me)", "Girls Raised in the South",
"Harvest Moon", "I'm in Love", "Jealous",   "Love by the Minute", "Forget-Me-Not", "Say Goodnight",
"She's to Live For", "The Girl Gets To Me", and "Writing My Speech" . . . along with a newer,
solo version of "If I Knew An Angel" . . .

These are not brand new recordings, but newly posted to the site.  Look for more very soon . . .

10/16/6 - The "Latest Eight Jukebox" has been updated . . .

10/15/6 - Lots more songs have been added on the "Songs Listed Alphabetically" page . . .

9/30/6- The "General Store" - (or "The Jeff Stewart Shop" at the "Blue Clover Store") is OPEN! 
Live Dogs", an album compiled from live performances by Jeff Stewart and the Big Dogs in the Nashville area from 1996 to 1998 is NOW AVAILABLE, along with some other 'swag' . . . Thanks for checking it out!

  I've recently joined - I think it's a good way for us to interact, and eventually it will be another  good way for you to hear my music also . . . check it out at .

   Wow . . . time flies!  It's been way too long since an update here.  The site just underwent a major overhaul - hope you like the new look . . .   Most of the 'new' work lately has been to the 'sister' site for Blue Clover Records - please check that out.  You can listen to some music and read lyrics, and most importantly, watch as the albums are developed!

I've left items below for 'historical' interest . . . and tried to make corrective comments where necessary . . .

Live Dogs", an album compiled from live performances by Jeff Stewart and the Big Dogs in the Nashville area from 1996 to 1998 is NOW AVAILABLE.  It is not yet, but WILL BE available on this site, through the "General Store".  Currently you can order it by sending $10 cash, check or money order made out to Jeff Stewart to:

Blue Clover Records
2817 West End Ave #126-376
Nashville, TN  37203-1453

The Picture Page has been updated.

The HOME Page has been redesigned . . . hope you like it . . . actually, it's a whole new entry onto the site . . . it's good to get the cobwebs off sometimes . . .
AND . . . there is an Upcoming Event!!!  Don't miss out on the upcoming show at
The Express Cafe.  Speaking of getting cobwebs off . . . I'm calling it the "Out of Hybernation" Show, 'cause I haven't done a real "show" in a LONG time!  This one will be a lot of fun, and I promise more fairly soon . . .  Many thanks to my friend Marlynda Augelli for the invitation to perform at her wonderful club in Mt. Juliet.

The Jukebox finally plays music!!  And I will continually update the jukebox music.  The page features the "Latest Eight" Jukebox, which features the most recent eight songs that I have written.  There will be a LOT more music added . . . look for Albums under development, and each song will have it's own page, with lyrics, co-writer's, notes on how and when it was written, etc.

Okay, most of these are not "new" at all . . . I've left them on for 'historical' interest.  I have not been performing out with The Big Dogs for a while now.  I AM still writing and you can catch me at the occasional songwriter night.  Although I have been consistently pushing the release date back, I DO plan to release "Live Dogs", a collection of live recordings from performances with The Big Dogs, well . . . whenever I finally get to it!  And I do plan to start recording all of the cool concept albums that I've been working on forever . . . ASAP . . . If you are interested/curious about my music, I'd be happy to hear from you.  And thanks for checking out my site.

- Jeff Stewart

There are new pictures in the Slideshow.

Jeff just got back from a successful show
Toronto, Canada - he's "International" now!   Plans are already under way for a return engagement . . .  "Thank you so much to my new Canadian friends (and wonderful hosts!) Jae & Michelle, Michael & Lyn, Ira, and Joanne!" - Jeff

Be sure to check out the new "Jeff_Stewart_Shop" -   We can now accept credit cards for purchases of everything from Fan Club membership to "Big Dogs" Blue Clover Guitar Strings, hats and all kinds of goodies - look for the "Live Dogs" album to be available here in Fall of 2002 (or soon after)!

Pre-production is still under way for the debut studio album, targeted to be recorded in fall of 2002 now.  The live album - "Live Dogs", is currently being mastered, and should be available off of this site - see the new General Store -  sometime in Fall of 2002!

Lots of new animations have been added to this site (such as the ones above!)  Can you find 'em all?

"Barkin' in the Park"  was a big success!  On June 18th, 1998 - six bands took to the stage at Centennial Park in Nashville to celebrate the First Annual Jeff Stewart Fan Appreciation Concert Picnic.  The music was great, the food was great, and the crowd was very cool - everybody had a blast!  No less than Alan Jackson,
Clay Walker, and Tim DuBois
(President of Arista Records Nashville) were seen enjoying the festivities!  Lots of new fans joined the Jeff Stewart Fan Club .

Jeff (along with Tim Lorsch, fiddler extraordinare), the
Leavin' Brothers
, and Danny Jake and Marshann Marcum took over the "Buried Treasure" show with Christi Ray on June 15th to promote the "Barkin' in the Park" event.  And then on the 17th, Jeff went back to appear on Mac Griffin's afternoon drivetime show.  They gave away caps and guitar strings to winners of trivia contests, and Jeff performed songs (including a first-time ever performance of "Should Have Told Me That in Tulsa").  WANT received a lot of phone calls from excited listeners during both broadcasts.

The Official Jeff Stewart Fan Club Page has been launched!!
Although it is hosted by this site, and linked from our home page, it is considered separate, with a different creator - Kim - the President of the Official Jeff Stewart Fan Club. Check it out! And many thanks to Kim . . .

On January 26th, Jeff was interviewed on 98.9 F.M.
"Real Country"
WANT radio (Lebanon, Tennessee). The show is called "Buried Treasure" and is hosted by Christi Ray. Tim Lorsch was along for the ride on fiddle ("the Maestro") and Jeff and Tim performed four songs during the half hour interview. It was great fun, and Christi already suggested a return trip . . . Stay tuned!

As of January 5th '98, Trish Vogel is an official Big Dog! (More like a cute puppy, really . . .) Trish will be singing background vocals, and has been subbing in that position from time to time. Jeff asked her to join the band while onstage at the Boardwalk Cafe on that date . . .

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