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Hey Jeff,

Finally got a chance to check out your site. Very impressive. You are doing so many things these days--no wonder it's hard to find time to sleep.
I loved your blog about how these days with MySpace, Facebook, emails, and trying to live our dreams, there doesn't seem to be enough time for everything--I can totally relate. But it sounds like you are getting it done. I hope to get a chance to catch one of your local shows here in Nashville before too long.

Anyway, I wish you the best with all of it. When you get a chance, I hope you'll check out my site: and sign in

Take care,

Gordon, Nashville, Tn.

Hello Jeff Stewart...

I am Jessica Dubroff's Mother. I thank you for writing a song honoring my daughter Jess. Jess definitely loved life and she definitely loved rain and yet most of the media has chosen to do a negative spin on her saying, "Mom, Do You hear the Rain, Do you hear the rain". Jess said this with a beautiful voice as if she were being honored by the presence of rain and she wanted me to hear what she heard and to share in that same moment with her. She was in a perfect moment with herself, with life, with her soumates and yet, no one has yet seen it that way in their communications. How wonderful you have. By being Pro-Jess, you honor who she chose to be in life and all she loved. Thank you for that.

I went to listen to the clip of the song you wrote for Jess and a blank page showed up. When you fix the link will you let me know.

All my best to you and what you are up to in life.


(see HERE for the song that Lisa refers to . . .)

Hey Jeff,

I just checked out your site, and I think it rocks. Just wanted to sign in and say Hope you go far with your music, and hope you get everything out of it that you've put in. Hope to hear from you soon on MySpace. Keep up the good work, and Good Luck.

Baxter, TN

Hey, Jeff!

  I knew that you’re a nice guy and all, just from taking your order @ Schlotzsky’s Deli in Brentwood/Nipper’s Corner, and I knew you were a singer/songwriter (as well as a Realtor) based on your truck. But then one day I was flipping through a Nashville Scene, and there you were! So, I went to your website, and listened to a song – and now I‘m gonna have to buy a copy of your CD! Sounds good! Keep up the great work, and see you @ Schlotzsky’s!


Hi Jeff!  Roy and I just checked out your website and we love it.  You're songs are truly beautiful.  We hope to see you again soon...probably at Wal-Mart!


Kristie and Roy
Nashville, Tennessee


Well the ladies seem mighty smitten with you, singing, dancing....quite the Romeo these days! Personally I miss the long hair and can only pray the banana boat song still lives and breaths. <heavy sigh> It's a great site though, must admit I enjoyed it! (although if Elizabeth hadn't told me it was actually you I never would have recognized ya! Where does the time go?)
Duly Impressed,
Becky - Houston, TX.

I finally took time to check out your website, and it is very nice. At some point I hope to be able to hear some of your music thru this site. Mainly I just wanted to thank you for asking me for that first dance last Sunday night at the Wild Horse Saloon. It was wonderful and gave me something to share with some of my fellow dance students. It is a memory that will not
fade anytime soon.
Maybe some day I will hear you on the radio and get all excited because I have personally met you. Until then. GOOD LUCK!

Bobbie-Jo from Illinois

As the days, and years go past, thought of you only grow warmer and stronger
in the heart, you have come a long way baby!! But then I knew you would,
because your the best!!! no man alive can do a mean rendition of the banana
boat song , like you can. That girl Joanne from Clovis ca, is not the only
heart that you touched. still waiting for you to perform at the country music
festa in Arizona. But if you can't come to us we'll have to come hear you
truly your fan ,

Jeri, Phoenix Az

I know you ALREADY know, but just wanted to send you another quick note to remind you
how much I enjoy listening to you sing. I wish I could have the opportunity to hear and watch
you sing from the AUDIENCE. Perhaps if that occasion arose, I could gather people to be
entertained and I wouldn't have to request a personal performance when I wanted someone
to hear you SING! (Imagine that!) Besides mentioning your singing, you're a real cutie too.
And of course that picture of you on your website with your cowboy hat on...umm umm umm!
I could go on and on....

diane :) / Franklin, Tennessee


Hey, brother. I was at work, slightly bored with the daily hum-drum, when
I remembered that a friend of mine told me that he went online one day and
looked up his name. I decided to do the same, and low-and-behold, there
you were. I must say I am glad to see that there is another Jeff Stewart
out there. We are not alone, bro. We're takin' over this town.

Hope to hear your voice on the radio some day,

Jeff Stewart / Denver, Colorado

Jeff is the most genuine and sincere guy I have ever known. I admire his
work, his personality and outlook on life. He sings from his heart and
portrays that to others. It is an honor for me to know him and to know that
he has the same passion for his work as I do for mine. Jeff, keep up the
good work! I will always be a fan of yours no matter what you do.

Sincerely, Lora from Missouri


I just wanted to let every1 know that Jeff Stewart is the worlds #1 guy in my eyes
I LOVE Jeff!!!!

Sarah Ann from St. Peters MO

Heard Jeff Stewart was a great dancer!

My friend Amanda met Jeff in Nashville last weekend at the Wild Horse Saloon
and said she had a tough time keeping up with Jeff's skills on the dance
floor. And she is quite the dancing studette herself. I wanted to check
out the website to check out the goods. Good luck Jeff (and the Big Dogs,
too!) with your multiple careers!

---- Deborah / (City Unknown)


I was just wondering when you are playing
out in Nashville. I saw you at the courtyard
and you were great I was wondering if you were
going to play again soon? please let me know.
Are all the big Dogs still in the band? You guys
and gals were great!
Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you
Liz / (City Unknown)

The concert was great at the Courtyard. I really enjoyed the performance. You've got so much talent and look like you're really enjoying yourself on stage. The band was jamming...Your web page looks super. Very professional, do you service it yourself or have a company? Your writing is excellent . . .

---- Jack / Nashville, Tennessee

Jeff I just have to say that you are a fantastic performer and I am not just
saying that. Why would I if I didn't mean it? How can you be single when you
can shake that body like that ? If I were not married I would like to get to
know you better, if you know what I mean. I love visiting your web site and I
hope I get to visit with you personally soon. I hope it doesn't freak you out
if I say I have very strong feelings for you, I think they may include love.

Keep doing that thing you do.

With love,

Joanne from Clovis, CA

[ "This is my sister - she's a nutcase!!! (not to mention always supportive - I definitely have strong feelings for her, and they include love . . .)" - Jeff ]

My name is also jeff stewart and I would like to say it's wonderful to
see myself with such a prosperous country career. What's your middle

Jeff Stewart
But not THE Jeff Stewart
Well, I am THE Jeff Stewart
But I am not THIS Jeff Stewart whom this letter is written in reference

----  Jeff / (City Unknown)  
["our" Jeff Stewart's middle name is Scott]

Hi Jeff I enjoyed chatting with you and will look for your CD in local stores.
I admire your dedication to the music you love. Your future is very bright!
And I LOVE the web site !!!!

--- c-ya Juli / Texas

Hi my name is Sarah  and I met Jeff while I was vacationing in
Nashville, TN Jeff is an awesome person and is very helpful Jeff I'm glad I
got to meet u :)

---- Sarah / St. Peters, MO

Hi it's me, Desiree, keep up the good work. I love what you have done
with your website. Talk to you later.

---- Desiree / Newbury Park, California

The page is great and I'd love to hear your music. I'll keep checking the music stores for the album that was mentioned and who knows... Tennesee's not too far away from Baltimore, maybe I'll make it to a show someday :-)

---- Jennifer / Baltimore, Maryland

This is a very cool site. Very impressive.

---- John / Reseda, California

You Rule! Love your website. Hope everything is going well. Stay in touch!

---- Richard / Encino, California

Serenity NOW!!!!!!!!

---- Jay and Karen / Ventura, California

nice site jeff. we believe in you, hang in there!

---- Rob, Julie, & Tracey / Keasbey, New Jersey

Hi Jeff, We sure enjoyed your web site. We are looking forward to getting the video to work.

---- Larry and Gail / Corona del Mar, California


It's good to see your site is up and running! Looks good!

---- Seth / Los Angeles, California

Hi Jeff like the site, will check it often. keep up the good work.

---- Lois / Ravena, Ohio

Jeff, Things are moving right're the best!

---- La Homa / Palm Springs, California

Neet site. Good work!

---- Jim / Exeter, California

Great web site! Who did it? If you did it yourself, great job! I want to do one, any advice?

---- Terry Sue / Westlake Village, California

HEY DUDE, This site is a WILD ride, MAN!!!! I'm going to hang here all the time.

---- Larry / Newbury Park, California

I think you are a very good looking and talented young man. Your mother is very lucky.

---- Linda / Ventura, California                    [Thanks, mom . . .]

Have you heard the star spangled banner lately?

---- Florence / Costa Mesa, California




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