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These are some of Jeffrey Scott Stewart's talented co-writers! (They're listed in alphabetical order, with some of the
songs that they've co-written.   Links to their sites are provided when available.  And no, this is not a complete list.)
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Debbie Allen
"(I Wanna Be) Superman"  "Should Have Told Me That In Tulsa"
Brian Beathard
"Colorado '95"
RaChelle Blair
"By Now"
Moke Cameron
"My Short-Lived Life Of Crime"  "A Moment I'll Never Forget"  "Kickin' Dirt"
Penny Dale
"Take Me With You"
Heath Davidson
"A Woman Like That"  "Empty Bottles"   "Getaway Car"
Marghie Evans
"From Tucson To Me"
Seth Jackson
"Compared To Me"  "She's To Live For"  "Overalls and Pantyhose" 
"Before I Stay" "A Moment I'll Never Forget"
Jenny Goforth
"Time For You To Leave"
Michelle Gold
"Be My Valentine (Will You?)"
Craig Lackey
"Does Your Wife Have A Sister?"  "Ghost Town"  "I'm In Love"
"I Won't Give Up"
Heather Larkin
"When I Was You"
Trudy Lunden
"Shoot For The Moon"
Hilary Marckx
"My Baby Jo"
Denny Martin
"I'm Not That Kind Of Angel"
Richard Mekdeci
"Let's Make A Short Story Long"
Gabriela Moller
"Box Of Broken Hearts"
Brent Moyer
"Next Time"
Pam O'Daniel
"When The Twister Touched Down"   "Frostbite"  "Mama, Do You Hear The Rain?"
"Shadow Of Love"  "You Can't Stay Here"
Karen Pendley
"At The End Of The Day"
Lucy Remillard
"C'est Pas Grave"
Jane R. Snyder
"Love Thing"
Allen Sostrin
"Better Love Next Time"  "Can You Keep A Secret?"  "Crocodile Tears"
"Help Yourself To Me"  "I Got The Dog"  "Jesus In A Bottle"
"She's A Legend In My Mind"  "Should Have Told Me That In Tulsa"   "Show Me Where It Hurts"
"Till Roses Turn To Stone"  "What Good's A Heart?"
Jessica Speltz
"Can I Call You (My Friend)?"
Tresa Street
"I'll Let The Jukebox Do My Talkin'"
Doug Summers
"Too Late"  "Pretty Face"
Julianne Sutton
"Can't Start A Fire (Where There's No Flame)"   "Just Because" "This Time"
Carmen Melton Taylor
"Don't Talk in Your Sleep" "Another Lucky Day" "If I Didn't Love You" "Havin' Fun"
"Star Light, Star Bright (The Wish I Wish Tonight)" "The Rest of My Life" "Do We?"
"C'est Mardi Gras" "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody" "Grandmother's Eyes"
"Minding My Business" "In My Dreams"
Scott Tonkinson
"A Long Way To Go"  "The Girl Gets To Me"  "The Recipe"
Steve Trinward
"Barkin' With The Big Dogs"  "Honky-Tonk Opera"  "In The Movies"
"Pull Over"  "The One That Got Away"
Dave Trout
"Take Your Mama"  "Dinah Might"
Leon Tunstall
"I Can't Go Home"  "Old-Fashioned Romance"
Larry Vail
"All I Need To Know"  "She's Better Off"  "Ghost Town"   "The Choice"
"Girls Raised In The South (G.R.I.T.S.)"  "Kickin' Dirt"
Bill Warrington
"Another Lesson In Love"  "Don't Keep Leading Me On"  "Dragon In My Garden"
"Flat Tire Blues"  "Forget-Me-Not"  "Gator Moon"
"Harvest Moon"  "I Feel Like Pluto"  "Iron Horses"
"My Slice Of The American Dream"  "Now That I'm In The Picture"
"Red Roses"  "She's The Best"  "Speakin' Easy"
"Talkin' Through Tin Cans"  "The Poison And The Cure"   "Western Movies"
Gavin West
"When I'm Gone"
Ron Young
"Mission: Impossible"  "Lost In My Hometown"  "The World Is Flat"




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